July 1959. Films depicting John Wayne and Rock Hudson in the Wild West were all the rage in the movie theater. The real star, however, was the West Texas landscape. As towns like San Angelo grew in size, Father Ammian E. Lutomski knew the diocese must respond to the growing pastoral needs. He purchased four acres of land near Goodfellow Air Force Base, built a four room house, and began to hold religion classes for the neighborhood children.

One cold Saturday morning, Father James A. Ostrander and Father Bernard Gully of Sacred Heart Cathedral came to check on the progress of the religion classes, only to find the buildings empty. Since there was no heat in the buildings, the classes had been moved into the homes of the people. On that morning, Father Ostrander began to plan for a new catechetical center. After determining that many of the people in the neighborhood had no transportation, and often found it difficult to get to the Cathedral downtown for Mass, Father Ostrander was determined to provide a chapel as well.

Saint Margaret’s Church was blessed by Bishop Thomas J. Drury on May 23, 1965 as a mission church of Sacred Heart. The name “Saint Margaret of Scotland” was chosen by donors and happily approved by the Bishop.

At first, Saint Margaret’s Parish was served by the priests stationed at Sacred Heart. Then on September 17, 1968, Reverend Leo Diersing was assigned pastoral duties. The church was declared an official parish on November 16th, 1981 by Bishop Joseph A. Fiorenza. Msgr. Larry J. Droll became its first pastor.

Many exceptional priests and deacons have served Saint Margaret’s Church over the years, including Rev. Leo Diersing, Rev. Thomas H. Seibt, Rev. Russell Schultz, Rev. Gilbert Rodriguez, Father (later Msgr.) Larry Droll, Father Fabian M. Rosette, Rev. Louis J. Droll, Father James Chaumont, Rev. Joseph Vathalloor (sacramental minister),Rev. Joseph Choutapalli and Rev Chinnapureddy Pagidela.

Deacons who have served at St. Margaret’s Parish include Daniel Peña, Fred Green, Gerardo Treviño, Raymond Smith (pastoral coordinator 1997-2003), and Andy Gonzalez.

Currently, the Very Rev. Santiago Udayar is the pastor of Saint Margaret of Scotland Church.